I have a friend who has to rank amongst the best gifters I’ve ever met.  On at least two occasions he’s arranged for my partner and I to go to what could be considered interactive theatre, where the lines between audience and performer blur, and the whole thing becomes more of an experience as opposed to just a show.  The first is called You Me Bum Bum Train. I won’t expand too much, except to say that if you get a chance to go, GO! It will charge your mind, take you out of your comfort zone, make you laugh, put you on the spot, comfort you, excite you AND terrify you, all the while magically suspending your perception that time is passing.  Suddenly you’re an hour(ish) older, but you’ve lived a lifetime-perhaps several.

The second, was an escape game that perhaps some of you in a few countries have heard of called Hint Hunt [insert appropriate translation here].  I won’t divulge too much of the idea here as I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone who would like to participate.  Sufficed to say, a small group of us were trapped in a room and we had to find clues over the course of an hour to get ourselves out. It was a really fun way to spend an hour, and perhaps if I were more corporate minded, I’d use words like excellent team-building exercise.

The point is, I went into both of these events doing my best to not read up on either beforehand, in an attempt to go in with a clean slate expectation-wise.  Not an easy thing to do for someone who always has a browser window open in the background.  However in this case I think I was able to just enjoy the experiences without having to process them in the context of what I assumed they would be like.  I guess I won’t say I have no expectations with this blog, but I’m trying to keep them minimal.    This is my corner of science, the world and academia, as I experience them.  Sometimes I’ll use this space to discuss research that I find important or the latest development in my journey through academia.  Other times I’ll use it to develop a skill that I’ve come to learn can take you far in science: shameless self-promotion.

I’m not promising that every post will be polished; there are professional science bloggers for that.  I do hope however, to generate a discussion with scientists and non-scientists alike, on the things I post here.  After all, a good chunk of our financing comes from your public money; you should know what you’re paying for!